Thursday, 27 March 2014

28/03/2014 - Twitter Madness

This is another new segment of the blog where we'll be looking at what Angry Joe's been up to on twitter in the last week, but since this is the first post I'll include stuff from before.

Angry Joe pissing all over his fanbase with this comment below about the bad feedback to his dark souls video, he basically says he doesn't care what you think because he's all "Fuck You, Give Me Money!", oh wait that's what he said about EA and all those other big companies so he's quite the hypocrite now isn't he.

Check out this from when people were hating on Other Joe for some reason. 

This one was when people were checking out Joe's height and making fun of him because he's been looking to get back at that guy who owned him.

Some creep sent him some fan art, oh lord no it's "chibi" which means some basement dweller did this.
Angry Joe sticks his ass in the air again by promoting  that bloody MOBA game again.

Someone called Angry Joe's girlfriend a whore, and really someone with a big rack and very sluttish images on her instagram account who wouldn't be surprised is she was a hoar and pushing drugs on the side. You know those minorities and their drugs, believe me I've seen "The Shield".

Seriously and with the name "Megamanda" one wouldn't be supprised by what's "Mega". You can be an even bigger pervert by going to her instagram page, you won't be the only one because she's already got a couple of stalker of her own to deal with.
I think we all know why shes called "Megamanda"
I think I'm gonna need Rich Boy, Barrack Obama and that Ancient Aliens guy for this one.
They were the ones that said it so blame them

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