Saturday, 15 March 2014

And so it begins...

The time has come dear followers of the Internet, the time for Judgement. And the one who so deserves it is...

                                                           Angry Joe aka Joe Vargas
The fool himself
A long time ago Angry Joe was a funny guy, but now he is as shallow as the companies he mocks, joining them together in moneyfaggory, now his videos are basically advertisements for the companies products. Take his recent MOBA, Free to Play and MMO craze for example, with the videos and interviews of:

DC Universe Online
Heroes of the Storm
Infinite Crisis

Free to Play / MMO
Heroes of Dragon Age
Elder Scrolls Online
Might and  Magic X

He's been let's playing this shit for months now and there doesn't seem to be an end to it, many people have been complaining about Angry Joe mainly because his video's now suck and he just drones on and on instead of getting to the point, but now he targets his videos towards those who just want shits and giggles and the fanbase is openly divided on his official forum, YouTube and twitter. He's has only reviewed one Next Gen game and that was the new Killzone, is he stupid, doesn't he know people want to know what he thinks about those new games. But apparently he can't make money, oh boo fucking hoo, why doesn't he just shift off to Blip then, oh wait probably because his fanbase wouldn't go with him.

Anyway sleaf6 sums up pretty much why Angry Joe sucks, read below:

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