Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Angry Joe [AJSA] Community Update! - March 2014h

 Basically it's a video telling everyone about the new servers that Angry Joe payed for! Wow, now everyone can be sad all in one place, great job Joe, though seriously people should just play on the games normal servers unless they want to take part in the Angry Joe "Community" which even Joe said he won't be a part of much. That's why he has even lamer people to be his "Commanders", who the hell wants to play with those guys, even if Joe was online and you could join you'd have a one in a million chance of playing with him.

Even Joe doesn't want to be here
He also shamelessly tells people who complain about him doing live streams to just "fuck off", looks like all that complaining is finally getting to him, seriously he can't even do a review a week even though he has no bloody job and is probably living on welfare just like all the other shits on the TGWTG. Now take a look at Joe's body guard at the left, Joe calls him a "Marine", yeah in what Army the Angry Army, what a joke he looks like he should be on Home Improvement. Get a load of the comment below:

He also wants people in Europe to play in the Angry Army even though we're in a different time Zone, the dumbass probably thinks everyone will stay awake all night to play with him. Even more worrying, is that Joe is basically advertising his own Twitch channel (I'll get to that soon) and the games which they will be playing, people have said he's a sell out but he sold out long ago. Take a look at the first comment below:

Take a look at their supported games list below if your interested, more mmo and MOBA shit, awesome Joe you always pick the best games, oh wait ... no Call of Duty ... fuck you and your homoerotic friends Joe, but we all know Joe's already doing that.

Official Supported Games:
Planetside 2
Guild Wars 2
Battlefield 4
League of Legends
Counter Strike: GO
War Thunder

Upcoming Games:
Elder Scrolls Online
WildStar Online
Star Citizen

Nice blowjob face Joe

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