Thursday, 27 March 2014

Angry Joe Plays Dark Souls 2!

Those emotes look like they were pulled right outta Lost Planet 2
Wow, another lets play, Angry Joe's really driving his fanbase into the ground recently, just look at his video views on his last couple of videos. He'll lose a lot of his fanbase to other You tubers if he doesn't start putting up regular content that isn't clips of his twitch streams, which really doesn't take any effort other than editing the video and uploading it. Today he's playing Dark Souls 2 which came out on March 11 in the USA, and he did the live stream on  the 13 March making two videos lasting 1 hour and 35 minutes and 1 hour and 20 minutes , which makes this video 15 days old content that he decided to upload to YouTube because he's too busy doing god knows what in LA. For those who haven't been following his twitter feed he went to LA for some reason to meet a bunch of unfunny hacks just like him.
Anyway to the actual video, Angry Joe acts like a complete retard while he's playing Dark Souls 2, he gets hit and dies tons of times and he doesn't even try to block. Now just look at the terrible graphics of Dark Souls 2 and then look at the new Metal Gear game in the picture above, I can't believe both are on the same system because Dark Souls has shit production values and it's clear that the Japanese developers don't give a shit what their video game looks like. He's also wearing the stupid helmet he wore during the Rome total war review because he's like to role play when he's playing video games, proving that he is the biggest child out of them all, and he wonders why people call him retarded. I won't say much more because it's basically him acting like a retard running around and dying but blaming the game, though I'll let the YouTube comments speak for for themselves through a new segment on the blog called "Viewers Response", lets begin:

 Now wasn't that enlightening, come back next time when Angry Joe screws up yet again.

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