Saturday, 22 March 2014

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Angry Review

I totally agree with everything Angry Joe said in his review, mainly because he is right and all the things that pissed him off pissed me off. Though I will comment on a couple of things he said in his review.

For one he states he hasn't played any previous Metal Gear game and I mean really, really Joe you at least must of had a PS2 or an original Xbox because games have been released on both systems. Though this may further compound the rumors that Angry Joe only really got into gaming when the Xbox 360 came out, hence his lack of knowledge of Metal Gear Solid, though even I don't even know what's going on anymore because like Joe, I never had a PS4 and the franchise just dropped off the radar for me.
Angry Joe really tackles a lot of issues with the game ranging from its price point to its controls, and much more. He really covers most aspects of the game and does it justice, though he played it on the Xbox One much to people dismay because it's always been a PlayStation game but really who cares what you play it on. All the parody moments Joe and Other Joe do are all well done and really funny, unlike a couple of  his other videos recently...cough...cough. He also mentions how Case Zero was kinda like a demo and how it's similar to Ground Zeroes even though the two are totally different cases.
He also mentions the controversial "vagina bomb" which for one is just plain wrong, he pulls off a very funny parody of this scene involving Other Joe's butt, really check it out. Though he didn't mention the other controversial parts of the game such as the torture or the gang rape in the audio logs in the game. If you complain anywhere about these parts of the game prepare to get bombarded by fan boys who'll try and explain the stupid reasons behind Kojima's childish writing style and misogynistic views. More information of this can be found here:
I highly recommend you check it out, it'll give you an insight into Hideo Kojima's distorted view of women, which at times is really messed up due to him being Japanese, and that's a whole other issue altogether. Taking all facts into consideration he gives the game a 5/10 which is really a fair score. Agreeing with Joe really defeats the purpose of this blog though we'll see where he goes from here.

Though in the bloopers at the end of the video Joe says to other Joe that he "lubes him up", I know they're joking but people do talk about how gay they are sometimes though they're just messing around. Not a sight I would want to imagine.........damn it


  1. Name one MGS game on the original Xbox, don't worry, I'll wait.
    1. Metal Gear Sold 2 Sons of Liberty, I know because I've actually played the game.
  2. You suck and fuck your blog, looser ,p

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  1. you are wrong - ground zeroes is the first Metal Gear game to come out on xbox, they even said about it in reviews... sons of liberty came out on pc though so you maybe played it there...or are you daft