Saturday, 19 April 2014

20/04/2014 - Twitter Madness

Well it seems like it's been an eventful week for Angry Joe, between going to LA again and slugging it out on Twitter with IGN's Dan Stapleton, it's really put Angry Joe on the fence. I won't be covering the war of words between Angry Joe and IGN in this post since it was covered in the last one though I will mention that they did both make up and are now on equal terms. Anyway onto other news:

Better late than never

Well there is evidence that Joe did make money off of the video and that he faked his reaction to his death, see video link:
Hey look Angry Joe "Reviewed" Infamous on twitter, now he doesn't have to make a video...right?
 Notice how Joe posted barely anything for two days on twitter after the IGN debacle, seems like he took my advice and shut his mouth for a couple of days.
Seems like Angry Joe doesn't like people talking about him
Well other than this that's about it for this time, hopefully the next video Joe does is the review and not some more lets play footage from his twitch account.

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