Saturday, 12 April 2014

AJSA Guild ESO PvP Event - 4/12!

Well this video is just Joe telling us all about a Guild Event that he'll be doing on the 4/12 or Saturday 12th April, seriously Joe is going overboard with all this MMO and free-to-play shit, and the fanbase has noticed but Joe doesn't give a fuck what they think because he's only interested in the money from the video views.

Anyway you don't really need to watch the video, just read the description of the video if your interested and actually payed 15 dollars a month to play it. Have fun burning a hole in your pocket.

Let's see the explosion that is the comments section of this video below:

Sorry dude but the Infamous review isn't happening

Now that it actually worth reading, lots of anger and emotion from the fanbase which is just but stupid fan boys keep jumping to Joe's defense
Seriously I just want to punch that guy in the first comment, he's such an asshole that I don't even need to explain what he did wrong.

Well said.

Its great that people are finally saying what's really been happening
Anyway Joe's put up another video that he live streamed, what fun is in store this time!

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