Thursday, 17 April 2014

Angry Joe's Epic Battle in ESO! (PvP Event)

More MMO Crap instead of actual reviews, isn't it just great when the last review was Ground Zeroes which was over 3 weeks ago. Since then he's put out 9 videos which are mostly just filler between his reviews, one of which (Infamous) isn't coming out because Joe's too busy playing the Elder Scrolls Online, that and playing with himself 24/7.

Get a load of his gelled up hair cut
He starts off the video telling you about a load of crap, mostly why he isn't doing the Infamous review because he's doing the Elder Scrolls Online, even though he started playing Infamous since it came out and went to LA at the end of last month, so that should have left Joe with weeks to put out the video but as well all know Joe's just a lazy shit who doesn't want to put out a video unless he can make monies. Also what the hell is wrong with him in the opening 2mins, he's flapping his head around like he's autistic or something, that or he never slept. Just look at his hair, he's put far too much gel into it and it looks pretty pathetic, probably trying to mimic and anime hairstyle. Goku I think not.
A little background information for the event is that Angry Joe forgot to record his audio so he had to take someone else's audio for the video which results in a bunch of other people people talking instead of Joe throughout the video. This is both annoying and unprofessional, though the Battle is a sight to behold you really could get better video from other places on YouTube of castle sieges but none of them would have Angry Joe ripping off the General Speech's from Rome Total War now would they. Seriously Joe get on with the reviews and not this stupid filler shit. Anyway now onto the comments section.

Agree with this guy completely

Looks like someone's looking for attention

All three have got a point

That's it for this time, another post coming later on tonight about Joe Vs IGN on Twitter.

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