Thursday, 10 April 2014

Angry Joe Learns EverQuest!

We all know he's looking at Porn, judging by his face
Well what have we here, a thought out and interesting video telling the history of a video game series. I would congratulate Joe for this video but it's really the other guy doing all the work since he's the one telling the viewer all the information, though we don't know who really write the script so who knows.
Looks like the sent the 100 Peso man instead of Captain Puerto Rico
It was a good video so I'll only critique a few things, mainly the bad sketch they do which really goes to show just how bad Joe's acting really is when he isn't being "Angry Joe". Seriously just look at his face below, he probably thinks the guy in the sombrero is bloody hilarious but at least he's trying to act.
And the only reason Joe is mentioning this game is because SgtRoss (Pictured above) is a fan of EverQuest, also it's gonna be free-to-play so you can waste all your money on Micro-transactions, oh what fun! Now lets see what the viewers had to say about this video.

All comments in this image do bear merit, so accept them for what they are.
Don't count on it.
Exactly what the bottom guy said, Joe won't be putting out an Infamous Review because he's too busy or just too lazy, seriously he doesn't have a job and he can't even put out a review a week. Lazy Bastard.
Ewww, I don't think anyone wants to imagine a bunch of bearded guys going at it.

Well that's it for this time, seriously I doubt Joe will even make an Infamous review, and remember to tune in next time at the SAME ANGRY-TIMESAME ANGRY-CHANNEL.

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