Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Angry Joe: M&M: Duel of Champions Rematch!

Well you knew it was coming, the rematch between Joe and Other Joe. The match is over fairly quickly since Other Joe just mops the floor with Angry Joe, the video is fun to watch and is great overall, especially if your a Duel of Champions player so then you can poke at all the tactics both of them use. The interaction between both Joe's is just great especially when Other Joe starts taunting Joe, it's just hilarious to see Joe's reaction on camera when he knows he's doomed. Though Joe doesn't need to appear at the end of the card game, he should just upload the matches and not prolong the video since people came to watch them play and not him yabber on for a while, anyway check out what the viewers said below:

Third match all the way

It think it's Joe who should be scared

Come on man, it's all just fun and games

Dude it's free to play, what did you think it would be

It was 4.00 am when he did this video, he was probably high off his ass on coffee
Exactly Joe should expand more into this game with his community

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