Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Angry Joe Plays DCUO - Stream Invasion!

 Well now, another DCUO video, this time the video is really enjoyable as Joe and Other Joe really have a lot of fun playing the game, this is what people want to see not Joe goofing off and acting like a retard in the Dark Souls 2 video. Angry Joe this time has replaced the boredom of last times video with cool fights and awesomeness, I will only say a little about this video since it was good.

Why is Angry Joe doing a simple mission when he's got his crew with him, I mean his time with the community could have been used in a giant clan battle and that would have been amazing to see, instead he tries to do some low level quest and some people from the sky keep dropping down and fighting. Joe keeps dying since he's replaying the game after it's went free to play and he doesn't notice anything changed from the paid version, point for Joe he's mentioning stuff people want to hear. Anyway there's nothing really negative about this video so go and watch and maybe try out the game, that's why Angry Joe's playing it, because he's part of the March Awareness program for DCUO.
Now all he needs to do is play and review Infamous, which he has been playing on his twitch channel, and he's been really bad at the game mainly because he's not even trying to play the game right, according to the YouTube comments in his Dark Souls video. Anyway, lets see what the viewers think:

Everyone's basically fed up and want him to review the new infamous game which he should have done soon, though Angry Joe always loves to take his sweet ass time with everything.

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