Friday, 25 April 2014

Angry Joe Plays M&M: Duel of Champions

It's looks like more Let's Play footage, but don't worry this time it's not just some boring video but a duel between Angry Joe and Other Joe. This video is really fun to watch and you can just see how much fun both of them are having, though the video may be a bit long for most people you should find it very enjoyable as Joe and Other Joe go toe to toe. The interaction between Joe and Other Joe is another highlight of this video as you can see just how ecstatic they are at playing one another. Check the video out, you won't regret it and just maybe you'll play the game also, I know I will.

Angry Joe Plays M&M: Duel of Champions: 
Might and Magic: Duel of Champions:

Anyway let's see what the comments say:
Me too, this video makes me want to be back into card games

Please someone don't do any fanart of him as Yugi

Yeah seems Joe just couldn't get into the Elder Scrolls Online
I agree, this video was awesome

How do you know they paid they to promote the game, and if they did get payed at least it was for a good game

Exactly, a nice chance of pace from the usual let's plays he does.
Also Joe has put up a re-match he did with Other Joe and a Watch Dogs interview he got from Ubisoft, I'll cover those as soon as I watch them.

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