Sunday, 6 April 2014

Angry Joe's Twitch Channel

It's time to look at Angry Joe's glorious Twitch Channel, above you can see the benefits of paying 5 dollars a month for the subscription. Seriously look at what you get: badges, emotes, chat during subscriber only mode and not affected by the Chat Slow Mode. What a load, not only is Joe saying "fuck you give me money", he might as well stick his dick in your wallet and suck up all the money, seriously you might as well just put that 5 dollars towards your monthly Xbox or PlayStation subscription because Angry Joe's giving you fuck all for your money and you might as well just spend your dough on something worthwhile.
But wait, what is this, more subscriber benefits, Joe your spoiling us. Now why wasn't this in the other benefits page, consistency please Joe. Some stuff mentioned here are not in the other benefits page, blasphemy! He says your money will support community events even though they don't cost any money to run, also monthly free giveaways, as opposed to paying for that on top of the subscription. But don't forget that he'll give his eternal thanks and gratitude, you bet your ass he will because all your money goes towards putting food on Angry Joe's table. Also get a load of MegaManda coming soon, the only reason people will watch that is if they can pay some good money to see some action, if you know what I mean. Nudge, Nudge, wink, wink. Joe would be rolling in the dough that way, though I doubt anyone of us would want to see his behind, *Shutters*.
Now lets take a look at the emotes, wow! Now these are really worth paying for...not! Seriously we have to pay to get these when we can just screen cap it and make our own, and why is there not one of Other Joe there, probably because Joe knows that Other Joe is more popular than he is. Anyway, that's it for now, til next time, and remember keep it cool stay in school sucker, just like Mr T.


  1. I think there might be a problem with this blog post.
    Everything is in vertical order when I see it.
  2. Fixed it, changed the template and now everything's fixed.
  3. People don't subscribe just for the emoticons. No one in their right mind would pay 4.99 purely for the emotes.

    No, people subscribe to channels to support those channels. To help the streamers out. The extra emotes and such are just nice benefits, but subscribing is done to support the streamers that people like.

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