Monday, 28 April 2014

Angry Joe Watchdogs Interview - April 2014

Well it seems Ubisoft contacted Angry Joe to do an interview with them for their upcoming game Watchdogs. Joe gets to talk to the Animation Director Colin Graham, who doesn't really know that much about the game other than what they were showing off at the show floor. Joe mostly asks questions about what they were showing off though he did ask about the graphics downgrade which the guy brushes off quickly after saying that the game will have those graphics if you have the best pc, we'll see that for ourselves when the game launches but just by looking at it you can tell straight away that it's not the same thing they showed off at E3.
They talk about some of the games features which are cool though not really what you would expect from a next-gen game, especially since it will get more redundant when you'll progress into the game. Other than Joe basically sucking up to the guy to get kudos from Ubisoft for saying great things about the game Joe does an alright interview and shows enough footage from the game to keep you interested. Though it's really stuff you've probably already seen, anyway the guy Joe's interviewing keeps avoiding eye contact with Joe throughout the video probably because he's being told what to say and not giving his own opinion. Well that's just video game pr for you, only tell them the good things and never the bad. Now onto the comments:
Well we won't know until he puts out the review, but I guess he'll give it a good score due to him getting an interview

True, there were probably other people waiting to do interviews

Yeah, the graphics don't really look like a real next gen game, probably because it's on last gen too.
Exactly, nobody's talking about the Xbox One version, probably because it'll be inferior to the other platforms so they can sell more PS4's

True, just look at the Titanfall pc version before they patched it, just goes to show developers only care about making money first and making a good game second.

Graphic's do always make a game but you do want your "next-gen" games to look good and not like some bad port from last gen.

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