Sunday, 4 May 2014

Angry Joe BroForce - Boss Battle!

Really this game again, once you've seen this game you won't want to play it again but for Joe he can't stop playing games which only keep your interest for a couple of minutes. Joe and Other Joe dress up again and it's not funny this time because your just watching the other BroForce video he put up because it's mainly the god damn same thing, him acting like an idiot and cackling like a hyena. I actually put off watching this video because I knew what I was getting into, that and I was waiting for Joe to actually upload something worth watching like Part 3 of his match with Other Joe, I doubt he'll upload it anytime soon though. 
I can't believe people would actually give 5 dollars a month to this moron
Throughout the video he's cackling like a hyena rolling in his own feces, seriously it's just a pain to listen to him mouth off every bloody two seconds. He also complains a lot to Other Joe about not getting to play as Robocop (Brobocop in-game) and at one point actually rips the controller from Other Joe's hands, seriously dude grow up and stop being a childish retard. You should have seen Other Joe's reaction many times in the video when you know he's just fed up with him, though he can keep his cool and not hit Joe over the head.
No he won't, he'll take a week or two to upload a new video
Joe also moans like a complete moron throughout the entire video, acting like a complete retard charging blindly at the enemy like he's playing Call of Duty. At one point he makes fun of Wesley Snipes for not paying his taxes and going to Jail, seriously Joe's just being a dick right now making fun of someone who's worth far more than Joe, also I don't think Joe even knows how to file his taxes and leave Snipes alone. Joe doesn't even have a job so how can he even properly pay his taxes which most of his income is undocumented because of his internet revenue, also do TGWTG even pay taxes?

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