Saturday, 24 May 2014

AngryJoe Plays Daylight - Epic FAIL Finale!

Really, more of this shit. Well at least this time he tells us what he thinks about the game at the end of the video, he didn't do that on the other let's play video's but at least he did it here. The video was below average and very annoying as Joe's just running around like a retard as usual, you can just tell by looking at Other Joe's face that he's having none of it. Throughout the video expect to high squealing from Joe because he's just some child wanting attention by mimicking a PewDiePie video, and you just gotta be sad to do that. When he gets to the ending he clearly wasn't even paying attention as it takes multiple re-try's to go towards the door with the light coming from it, how to hell he missed it is beyond me.

Since the game ends on some stupid plot twist, both of them are obviously irked. Other Joe just says "What the fuck was that", but Joe only the other hand acts like some retard saying "What the fuck Outlast", like he's trying to coin some term. He also shouts "JESSICA CHOBATS" like a bloody idiot mimicying the scene from Star Trek 2, probably because he thinks stupid internet memes are :kewl". Anyway comments time:

Seems like people can't handle criticism

Nice explanation about the game for those interested, though Joe is really an idiot when it comes to playing games
Exactly, We're all still waiting for it

No need to get personal dude, we're all people too you know

I know, Joe excels at being annoying

Never heard of him doing that, I complain and he hasn't banned me
I'm with you on that one

He needs the money, that's why

That's it for this time, next post should be the weekly twitter stuff.

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