Wednesday, 14 May 2014

AngryJoe Plays Daylight - Part 2!

Well it's another Daylight video, Joe's just been spoiling us recently, though really why did he even bother uploading another video when even he must have noticed everyone getting angry over the first part, oh wait fuck you give me money. He never shuts up once this entire video and he's constantly changing his opinion about the game every two minutes, he also keeps saying "God damn" a lot during this video which just shows you how easily he tosses the G world around, seriously have some respect dude. Angry Joe does a shitty Army of Darkness reference by saying the magic words that Bruce Campbell said in the film, what a terrible movie. Anyway this video is just him acting like a retard again and really takes no effort in making since it's just from his twitch live streams, laziness incarnate.

Comments time:

But then how would Joe make monies
Exactly Joe should make another channel for these videos, just like how the Irate Game did it with  Skylanders
Just look at how these assholes respond to this guy, typical Angry Joe fanboys
Yeah, remember how Angry Joe did that, some friend he was
Exactly, if he has time to review Spiderman he must have time to review Infamous though Joe's probably worried that nobody will watch it because it's been a while since it was released
Well said Mr Stuart Antony, at least he has the balls to state his own opinion instead of the usual dick sucking in the comments section
I think Joe's playing badly on purpose to attract the "Angry" viewers
Exactly we want reviews not Lets plays, and his fans need to stop defending him and should let Joe speak for himself
Damn right, Joe's just some Pewdiepoe rip off right now

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