Thursday, 15 May 2014

AngryJoe Vlog - Batsuit Revealed! (+Gambit Cast!)

Hey look a vlog, it's been a while since he did one of those...oh wait he's just talking about the new Batman vs Superman movie, and he still hasn't done a community update video which he said he would do weeks ago, I guess the Spiderman took priority. He mostly talks about the new suit which Ben Affleck will be wearing, Joe then proceeds to dissect the image which was recently released though he's really just reading off a news article which he just practically repeats, he can't even form his own opinion since he's just reading from that news article, he doesn't even try and hide it. 
Though it's good to see something that's not a let's play for once Joe does say some really stupid things in this video. He just says that "Frank Miller batman comic" and can't even name the one the costume comes from, even I know the answer to that and I'm not even a big Batman fan.Joe also weirdly comments on the bulge coming from Batman's crotch in the released image and says that it appeals to both men and women wanting  to see the film, this is just wrong on so many levels that I won't comment on it, you can just tell by Other Joe's reaction that he disagrees with it. He then goes onto trashing the announcement that Channing Tatum will be playing Gambit in an X-men movie and Joe instantly goes to Google images to see an image of him Photoshopped into the costume, seriously Joe's being an ass on this one especially since he gave Ben Affleck a chance to play Batman but won't Channing Tatum, double standards anybody.

He even went onto bash Gal Gadot again, stating that she can't play Wonder Woman because she doesn't have big breasts or a big ass and I mean Joe's been jumping on the bandwagon again joining the most popular bashing topic. Joe then goes onto talking about how movie use good looking actors to get people into the cinema, he says "women with their tits hanging out". I mean just look at how foul mouthed Joe is, I never thought he would ever say anything as disgusting as this, coming from a guy who was defending his girlfriend from comments online last week. Anyway onto the comments:

No matter what anyone says, they are entitled to their opinion no matter what how offensive it is

Good point

Exactly, Joe can't see past his own ignorance

Joe's  been doing the  white knight for a while now
Exactly, Joe's not giving anybody a chance
Struck home ground with that one
Uhm, that's not cool dude

Joe's just trying to be macho in front of the camera because he's the "Star" of the show and also because Other Joe's more popular than Angry Joe

Yeah I noticed that too
Had to dig for a while to get these comments because everyone was talking about a load of shit down the entire comments section, next article should be either the next lets play video or the weeks twitter post. Bon Voyage...

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