Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Godzilla (2014) Angry Movie Review

Nice blowjob face Joe.
Well it seems Angry Joe really is retarded, for one he says that he's a Godzilla fan and yet he knows nothing about what made Godzilla great in the first place. He expected the new American remake to be like Godzilla All Monsters Attack when in fact it's more close to the original movie, how Angry Joe doesn't seem to notice this is a wonder for me because he's basically broadcasting to the entire world how big of an idiot he is. Just look at how he flings around his arms during the video, he must be a spastic. He also does a shitty parody making fun of the movie, hey what does that news company logo look like?
FOX News anybody.
Because we all know everybody on TGWTG is a bunch of democrats who always like to trash the Republicans and their media coverage, see Spoony One and the Cinema Snob for more on this. Anyway stupid review, clearly Joe had the wrong mindset going into the film and he obviously isn't a Godzilla fan is he thinks Godzilla all about the action. Onto the comments, they'll make more sense:

This comment is just golden, explains in every way why Joe is wrong

Exactly send him back to where he came from

I lose respect every time he puts out a video

Exactly it was awesome

Joe's just acting like he's a fan to draw attention to himself
Joe just doesn't understand what Godzilla really is about

Yes, yes he is.

That's because he's not a longtime Godzilla fan
Well now wasn't that fun, just watch the Cinema Snobs midnight screening to get a real opinion on the movie that isn't wrong.

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