Monday, 19 May 2014

Guns of Icarus: AngryJoe & Team Battles the Devs!

Hey look, a watchable video for once. After the snore fest that was the last video it's good to know that he put out something that's enjoyable to watch, though he really should have shortened the first part down tremendously and joined it into this video to make one 30 minute video instead of two parts making 60 minutes separately. Though the video was great to watch I will mention a couple of things that bothered me, notice how right at the start of the video he's waiting for the recording to start with his blank face, he should learn how to edit it out as it's really unprofessional.

During the video Angry Joe keeps spouting random dialog like he's some NPC in the video game instead of acting like his online personality, also Joe doesn't really seem to be enjoying himself as he's really monotone throughout the entire video. They were fighting against the developers in the video's but what they don't show you is that they lost in the second half which Joe didn't upload to his YouTube account but to the Polaris account probably because they need the attention because everybody's fanbase is taking a hit these days. Anyway comments time:

Yeah, he really was acting like some bot

He sold out long ago

Yep, Joe really did make a fool of himself in that review

Agreed, but Joe doesn't care what his fans think

I think Joe wants to run himself into the ground with these videos, what other reason is there?

Exactly, Joe probably can't admit that

That's it for this post, onto the Godzilla review...oh boy

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