Friday, 16 May 2014

Guns of Icarus Online Event - Customization

If you want to stare at this for 40 minutes be my guest...
What the hell is wrong with Angry Joe, he thinks he has the balls to release a 40 minute video of him and other online personalities just customizing a god damn airship, 40 minutes of them doing one god damn thing. What the hell was he thinking?

Oh wait...did we forget, Joe's a money hungry whore.
Never mind the fact that the video is 40 minutes long, the only thing he could have possibly done to make this situation worse is not mention the fact that all parties involved in this video were there as part of a "PAID PROMOTION", but wait here's the best part:
He has the balls to put out a bore-fest like this and promises a battle coming next, well I think the community deserves the right to tell Joe to go FUCK HIMSELF!

I think it's Joe who sucks Superman's dick

Ignore the trolls responding to the guy, his opinion is right as Joe really is slacking big time

Got that right
I don't think he cares

I know, I just can't stand his voice

Never mind words, try letting them find Ukraine on a map

I know, bunch of sellouts

I think Joe doesn't want to open a can of worms, nor does he care for anyone's opinion
I would rather watch paint dry
Because Joe wants to hide the fact

And why couldn't Joe put this into his video description,  not too hard now is it

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