Saturday, 10 May 2014

Twitter Madness - 11/05/2014

Well it seems Joe got into an argument with a guy on Twitter about his girlfriends breast size, you can read all the juicy detail's on his Twitter account though I'll only show a bit of it.
It seems Joe isn't even prepared to go to E3, you can probably guess how long this will set back his reviews.

Angry Joe's right to berate the guy but he does make a point about Joe's girlfriend dressing in slutty outfits in her public image accounts, seriously and she's wondering why people say shit about her.

As the guy says it's only twitter, people should stop taking shit so seriously these days, it's only the internet
Maybe it was Other Joe's you know what that chipped his tooth, (True Story)

Seriously that stupid cube movie, how can people like such stupid movies, the only reason Linkara likes it is probably because Rodney from Stargate was in it. And now you've got me talking about Stargate, see what you've done internet.

Joe needs to understand it's the fans that drive his "show" and not what he wants
Seems Joe's pulling the "I've been doing this longer than you" card, seriously what an idiot to not even reply properly to the guy.
Well that's it for this week, it's only gonna get worse isn't it...

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