Saturday, 17 May 2014

Twitter Madness - 18/05/2014

Another week, another twitter madness post. Well it seems Angry Joe can't seem to stay away from getting into arguments on twitter about the stupidest things possible, probably his ego speaking for him instead of his brain, as if he has one.

Wow, another vlog and it's about the recent Godzilla movie, also no Joe the boxart for Farcry 4 isn't parodying the third games cover art, what a dumbass

So that must be why Joe gives game incorrect reviews, my mistake
Look at this, even Joe's an asshole to his loyal fans

Jumping on the popular bandwagon again Joe

Who the hell would want to see that, what's next Joe and Other Joe playing with each other on twitch

Joe's so stupid he needs other to tell him the reason even though it's sitting in front of him
Is Joe an idiot, they dropped it because they listened to feedback and how can you say last gen is unsupported when games are still being released on it, dumbass. And how would he know he's a PC elitist anyway

I think Joe made the same face when Other Joe showered him in sun

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