Sunday, 25 May 2014

Twitter Madness - 25/05/2014

Well it's been another slow week over at Angry Joe's Twitter account. He's been posting very little compared to what he used to post months ago, probably because he knows what kind of backlash he'll get if he says the wrong thing again just like when he had that argument with that IGN guy. Anyway here's some highlights of what he did post.

Idiot can't tell that EA owns Battlefront and not Disney so they don't have control over it dumbass

No Joe it wasn't funny when other internet reviewers said it and it's not funny when you say it

Because that's what we all want to see Joe play

No Joe you don't know shit about Goyer, your just jumping onto the bandwagon against some guy because he offended you idiots with his views. Grow up
I think we all know the reason why Joe retweeted this

Joe begging on twitter for a spare room near E3, how can people take him seriously when he's so unprepared for anything

I wonder if he'll even review it

If he seriously thinks that the 1998 Godzilla movie is terrible he must have only seen very few movies
That's it for this time, check back again for movie of Joe's failings.

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