Sunday, 27 July 2014

Twitter Madness - 27/07/2014

Well it's that time again and Joe has got back from whatever con he went to, though we care about the reviews which should be coming soon. In the meantime check out what he's been up to on twitter.

I knew it, Joe's been smuggling his family into the US, damn border hoppers
Probably because Joe was the commander
Can't you ever be positive Joe
That's unexpected
Whoa Joe, didn't know you were like that
I always knew Joe was Muslim, what, didn't you?
Anyway that's it for this time, hope you enjoyed the post, actually I know it's mostly all you Joe fanboys who keep coming back. Do you want me to say anyway again like the Archfiend, anyway get out of here!


  1. I love these posts, keep them up. Also check his channel discussion, it's becoming more and more hateful of Joe's laziness everyday!
    1. It's good to know the message is getting to someone, I'll probably make a post about the channel discussion since Joe hasn't even bothered to upload any let's play footage from twitch.

AJS July Update! & Planetside 2 AJSA Event

Hey, look, another Joe video, oh, wait, it's just an update video telling you that the video's are coming. Is Angry Joe the Irate Gamer now? And just look at how he acts, just like the last update video he shrugs off the negative criticism and just ignores it, he promises video's but we all know that he only makes those when he needs the dough. Don't watch this video, just remember...

He now says that his next review is the Last of Us on the PS4, though didn't he say it was Divinity 3 or is that another failed promise? Also notice how he included below that he isn't getting review copies for the games, awww, poor Joe, not being able to fork out 60 dollars when that's probably nothing to him.

Let's see what the YouTube comments say about Joe:

You can me both
Everybody abandon ship
damn, hes going down a slope
Good point, though AJSA always ask for more of Joe's magical elixir
Woah, too much words dude, though you do make a good case for that other guy

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Twitter Madness - 20/07/2014

Well since Joe's going to conventions for a while there won't be any video's or updates for some time. At least we've got his twitter feed to keep us entertained. Oh and we finally got to know Other Joe's real name, it's Joe Lopez, yay!
At least there getting there
Nice Total recall reference
Poor Joe, eating out of dumpsters must be hard on him
Oh don't remind me of this terrible panel
That's it for this post, oh and someone made some weird beard pictures of Other Joe...enjoy?
We all know someone's gonna beat off to this

SGC 14' AngryJoe Panel w/ JonTron, PBG, & ProJared!

Man was this long and boring, why the hell did Joe bring Projared here, the other two guys seemed alright but projared with his big nose and cheeky attitude just upset the mood between Joe and the other two guys. They talk about their origin stories and it is interesting to hear some of this info though they drag on forever and don't talk about the right stuff, instead they just get carried away. Mainly it's just Joe and the others bragging about how awesome they are and bla bla bla, it's just their ego talking and not their brains.
Typical Angry Joe Fan
The second half has them taking questions from the audience and they only take 4 questions in the span of 20 minutes because they spend too much time talking about the one subject instead of answering the questions properly. It's tedious, boring and time consuming for both the audience and the viewers, just wait for the next video and ignore this. Though I will mention how big of an ass ProJared was to the others, he kept insulting them every chance he got, none of them even stood up to him probably because they didn't want to cause a scene...whatever onto the comments.
That's what all the hardcore Joe fans are like
I know, most gamers look like child molesters, just look at the Spoony One
I think Joe's not used to the crowds, especially a crowd that wants to put him in the center and encircle him and then do the nasty, though not always in that order

Anyway wasn't this meant to be Joe's panel, the others totally stole the show!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

13/07/2014 - Twitter Madness

Well it seems Joe has gotten to SGC 2014, and all he's been doing is going to a panel and taking photos will fans, ahh, how sweet of him. Now if he would actually put out something other than updating his twitter feed!

Motherfucker mike matei himself
I bet you Joe won't even put this up
Faggory Ahoy
Oh woe is Joe
How long until he puts parts of this on YouTube? Weeks?

That's it for this time, there was lots of people taking photos with Joe though if you want to see them you know where to go. Joe better upload something substantial next time!

A week without a video...

Well it seems Joe may go into Spoony video release dates if this keeps up, Joe hasn't released a video on YouTube or a significant update on Twitter. His lack of enthusiasm with his community is a troubling thing as Joe has been less and less interested with interacting with the community other than stream on Twitch which doesn't count since only the diehard fans actually watch those long videos. He's also failed to keep his promises of reviews, updates and other videos such as the Witcher board game video which was filmed at E3 and Joe has been sitting on it until he needs an update!

Let's just wait and see how long until Joe release's a video and what that video is, my money's on either a let's play or the Witch board game video. In the meantime...twitter madness and some video's I found on YouTube, enjoy. It's at least more than what Joe's put out recently.

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Angry Joe Kills Hitler! - Sniper Elite III DLC

Another Sniper Elite video, but don't worry this time it's even more annoying as Joe finds new ways to annoy the shit out of you. Welcome to "Angry Joe Kills Hitler! - Sniper Elite III DLC".

Throughout the video you'll hear Joe trying to speak German, or just make silly noises with his mouth. Seriously who the hell laughs at this shit, he's acting like one of those PewDiePie rejects on YouTube. Anyway who cares about those losers let's concentrate on why Joe is so dense that he can't even play a game properly, he's running out in the open getting  killed and is complaining why he got killed. He's also treating Other Joe like shit again with Joe goading on the enemy's to kill Other Joe because he's a better player than Joe, just look at Joe's reaction when he had to give the controller to Other Joe. Not a friend I would want to play with, though Other Joe as a good friend sticks with him because he knows Joe would probably off himself if left alone. Enough ramblings look at the pretty comments below:

Pretty much sums up why Joe sucks
Well since Murica and the allies won WW2 they get to rewrite history whenever they feel like it
Nope Joe's the new PewDiePie
Well Joe probably won't do it just like all his other failed promises
They would be enjoyable if Joe wasn't ADHD prone

Wasn't that video riveting, I can't wait for the next one, I wonder what he'll do next...another lets play?

Twitter Madness - 06/07/2014

Well it seems Joe spends more time on Twitter and Twitch than he does making videos, since all of what  he's posted in the last week are from Twitch streams (The vlog doesn't count). I've only posted the interesting things from twitter and there's very little since most of what Joe says is a load of shit and not worthy of a screencap.

Commenting on the world cup, why bother?
Who cares about this shit?
I bet alot of them accounts are fake or forgot to remove Joe from Subscription
That's it for now, I'll be back next time Joe mess's up.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

AngryJoe Vlog - Smite Finals & Upcoming Videos!

Oh boy is Joe an idiot, thinking people actually care about his Smite videos, just look at the way he's acting during this Vlog. His jumping around like a retard again and talking as if you should worship his feet. He wears a stupid Zod t-shirt from Man of Steel and says "kneel before Zod", get it a Superman quote, laugh damn you. After yapping on about Smite for a bit he says that there isn't much games out so he doesn't know what to review, how about going back and doing the one's you missed you waste of space. That's about it for this video, don't even bother watching this because you know what to expect when this is his thumbnail.
Check out the stellar comments below:
damn right Joe's missed a lot
A great analogy
There you have it: Gestapo Joe
Joe will be doing reviews once a month now, just like Spoony One!

Aren't you just excited for Joe's next video...oh wait another let's play...Fucking idiot!