Sunday, 27 July 2014

AJS July Update! & Planetside 2 AJSA Event

Hey, look, another Joe video, oh, wait, it's just an update video telling you that the video's are coming. Is Angry Joe the Irate Gamer now? And just look at how he acts, just like the last update video he shrugs off the negative criticism and just ignores it, he promises video's but we all know that he only makes those when he needs the dough. Don't watch this video, just remember...

He now says that his next review is the Last of Us on the PS4, though didn't he say it was Divinity 3 or is that another failed promise? Also notice how he included below that he isn't getting review copies for the games, awww, poor Joe, not being able to fork out 60 dollars when that's probably nothing to him.

Let's see what the YouTube comments say about Joe:

You can me both
Everybody abandon ship
damn, hes going down a slope
Good point, though AJSA always ask for more of Joe's magical elixir
Woah, too much words dude, though you do make a good case for that other guy

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