Sunday, 20 July 2014

SGC 14' AngryJoe Panel w/ JonTron, PBG, & ProJared!

Man was this long and boring, why the hell did Joe bring Projared here, the other two guys seemed alright but projared with his big nose and cheeky attitude just upset the mood between Joe and the other two guys. They talk about their origin stories and it is interesting to hear some of this info though they drag on forever and don't talk about the right stuff, instead they just get carried away. Mainly it's just Joe and the others bragging about how awesome they are and bla bla bla, it's just their ego talking and not their brains.
Typical Angry Joe Fan
The second half has them taking questions from the audience and they only take 4 questions in the span of 20 minutes because they spend too much time talking about the one subject instead of answering the questions properly. It's tedious, boring and time consuming for both the audience and the viewers, just wait for the next video and ignore this. Though I will mention how big of an ass ProJared was to the others, he kept insulting them every chance he got, none of them even stood up to him probably because they didn't want to cause a scene...whatever onto the comments.
That's what all the hardcore Joe fans are like
I know, most gamers look like child molesters, just look at the Spoony One
I think Joe's not used to the crowds, especially a crowd that wants to put him in the center and encircle him and then do the nasty, though not always in that order

Anyway wasn't this meant to be Joe's panel, the others totally stole the show!

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