Sunday, 27 July 2014

Twitter Madness - 27/07/2014

Well it's that time again and Joe has got back from whatever con he went to, though we care about the reviews which should be coming soon. In the meantime check out what he's been up to on twitter.

I knew it, Joe's been smuggling his family into the US, damn border hoppers
Probably because Joe was the commander
Can't you ever be positive Joe
That's unexpected
Whoa Joe, didn't know you were like that
I always knew Joe was Muslim, what, didn't you?
Anyway that's it for this time, hope you enjoyed the post, actually I know it's mostly all you Joe fanboys who keep coming back. Do you want me to say anyway again like the Archfiend, anyway get out of here!


  1. I love these posts, keep them up. Also check his channel discussion, it's becoming more and more hateful of Joe's laziness everyday!
    1. It's good to know the message is getting to someone, I'll probably make a post about the channel discussion since Joe hasn't even bothered to upload any let's play footage from twitch.

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