Sunday, 17 August 2014

17/08/2014 - Twitter Madness

Another week and (say it together) another Twitter Madness. Oh gee wicklers Jimmy what's been happening today, oh shucks I don't know, oh gee wally I think somthin bad happen today, Golly we gotta do something about it, I love Jesus more, oh gee oh gee oh gee oh shut the fuck up Joe. I'm sick and tired of hearing his biased opinion, some voice of gamers he is.

Seems like Joe's trip to Las Vegas went south, good for him
Nope that's just Joe's reaction to his bank account balance
He's probably gonna ask for an exclusive in return for some corporate dick sucking
The only epic fail here is Joe
The only one sucking corporate dick is you Joe!
Nice to see Joe jumpinng onto the bandwagon, has he no shame

That's it for this post now go away.

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