Sunday, 24 August 2014

24/08/2014 - Twitter Madness

Even though Joe has time to post on twitter it seems he doesn't have time to work on the actual reviews, he's been playing Risen 3 but he hasn't put out a review yet. Just look at how he responds to everyone's call for reviews, man, what a dick. Anyway onto the tweets.

Says the guy who was complaining about having 7 dollars in his pocket, and besides has he never heard of Amazon, what an idiot!
Another free to play game, does he ever stop
No Joe, nobody wants to see that
That's a pathetic excuse
What did he think would happen?
So that's where he got his bald fetish from.


  1. I just want to slap him in his fat face whever he says there havent been games to release, GAMES GET RELEASE DAILY ASSHOLE
    Way better games than all the crap he is promoting too!

    Skinny Joe was so much better than this new Fat Joe
    1. I know, games are getting released all the time and he has the gall to say otherwise, oh and Joe's just packing on the pounds because all he does is sit around and play video games and eat Doritos and drink mountain dew.

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