Monday, 4 August 2014

Angry Joe Show YouTube Discussion

Hey, how did that get there?
Since a commenter recommended that I check out Joe's YouTube Discussion, I decided to make a post about it since Joe hasn't been bothered to post any updates or videos. Behold all that is sacred, YouTube comments:

If you've been around a while you should have come across this guy at least once, you'll always find him floating around the comments section defending Joe for white knight points
Gotta love those stereotypes
Just because it's free doesn't mean we can't form out own opinions and voice them, what an asshat
I hope people take his advice
You see, I'm not the only one who remembered
He'll be back when the needs the money
The same thing applies for any reviewer
Well Joe is rolling in the dough by the bucket loads over at twitch


  1. Keep the posts comin'. Looking forward to your take on the "Last of Us" review.
    1. I just finished it, hope you enjoy.

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