Sunday, 17 August 2014

AngryJoe Rages at Risen 3!

Angry Joe is a complete tool, from watching the first couple minutes of this video you can tell that he can't even play a simple video game. He just shows clips from his stream on Twitch and it's terrible to watch because Joe is such a bad player, in the tutorial he complains a lot even though it's only showing him how the game works. He then goes on to yap about the combat system and there's no much to say other than Joe thinks all games should have a fantastic combat system even though it's a third party game and shouldn't be judged by the same standards as first party games. There's even a point where he's skipping the dialog, because as we all know Joe ain't a real gamer, he's just a poser and we all know he never owned a video game console before the Xbox 360.

He even goes to Amazon to check out a review to back up his own opinion even though all major video game websites gave the game either average or favorable reviews. Which it so rightly deserves, at least the others judged the game on all it offered while Joe on the other hand goes full retard and declares the game an "epic fail" just to pander to the YouTube retards. At the end of the video he begs people to subscribe to his videos, but this is from his twitch stream and to subscribe costs money, kind of ironic considering this guy was complaining about having no money when they copyright thing hit at Christmas. He's just as shallow as the companies he makes fun of!

Let's see what the viewers think:

It's because Joe is retarded and can't understand anything
And a bad troll at that
Exactly, just like vampire rain, it may be a bad game in the eyes of some but it's also a deep and satisfying game
Yeah, cut them a brake, they don't have thousands of staff like Assassins Creed does, and they do there best
Joe's just stupid, he can't help it, it's to get the views
Anyway, that's my two pence, we can probably tell what rating he's gonna give the game.


  1. You pretty much a inbred of troll and moron, you never watch his reviews (Witcher 2) and his streams (Dark Souls) and he loved both these games and knows a good game
    1. And you must be an ignorant troll fresh off of Angry Joe's ding dong.

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