Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Last of Us Angry Review [Remastered]

Well it took him a while to put out a review so this one better be good, throughout the whole review he basically applauds the game at every corner, not mentioning anything bad outside one or two things. I don't mind that he's saying good things about a good game, it's just the tone that he has. It's one of superiority, it's not about the game but rather that it's on Sony's platform, something which Joe is very vocal about in this video, there are numerous times that Joe pokes fun of Xbox gamers and this is just sad to see him do. Because he's basically letting people know how childish he is, I though he was above this, but then again he did do that whole "ass and titties" thing in the Metro 2033 review.
Shame on you Joe
Joe mentions that the AI is awesome save for a few npcs, even though most other reviewers out there mentioned the goldfish ai in the stealth sections, something which no game has gotten right. Terrible sketches plague this video and Joe's own beliefs blind him from the truth, I'm not saying this is a bad game, just because it did win a lot of awards does not grant it a 10/10 score, no game deserves that as no game is 100 percent perfect, A 9 would be more like it.

Joe covers the multiplayer and says the exact same thing all the major video game networks have said, just go look at what IGN and GameSpot say about the multiplayer and compare it to Joe's. It does seem like he plagiarized other peoples articles as his dialog is too clear cut and doesn't sound like the real Joe. Just a poser, he probably just played the entire game on twitch to prove that he did play it and used what other people have said to form his own opinion. Also near the end Joe says if you haven't played this game you should be ashamed, me and many other haven't played it so should we hang up our gamer coats? What an asshole, nobody get's to decide who is what, especially Joe.

Exactly, he probably just wanted to prove that he's a PlayStation fan boy instead of remaining neutral, I guess that's what Amazon is for
This guy does have a point, "show don't tell", though I know a lot of people who would disagree with that logic (evageeks anyone)
Watch out dude, the loli-cons are gonna get you
Agreed, it didn't have the energy an Angry Joe video should
I think him being excited over the game being a PlayStation game already showed that he's now a fan boy

That's it for this post, I think I've covered most of what needs to be said, though I may have missed something.


  1. You are so obsessed with him it's sad.
    1. How am I any different from people commenting on YouTube video's, just because I go overboard a little doesn't mean I'm obsessed, I'm just explaining how Joe is an idiot.
    2. You should be explaining how much Confused Matthew suck instead, Im making a review show deconstructing pretty much all the reviews of Confused Matthew, go on Blip to look at my comments explaining why Confused Matthew is such a contranian douchebag
  2. This is not the first game to which Joe gave a 10/10. He also gave 10/10 to Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim and Guild wars 2. And 10/10 doesn't mean that it's perfect.


    Joe himself is an Xbox fanboy!! So basically, he was also making fun of himself in the video.
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    2. Confused Matthew admits his reviews can be based on audience reaction in his Slumdog Millionaire review and not really being "objective" as he claimed. That's why he gives basically a pass to Bay's TMNT and thrash Guardians of the Galaxy
  3. Sorry! My mistake. Joe WAS an Xbox fanboy. He started hating Microsoft ever since they introduced the Xbox one as a 'Remote control for your television'
    1. And please, don't call anyone an 'asshole'.It shows how immature you are.
    2. People call people an asshole all the time, and it's quite obvious that Joe was an xbox fanboy because it was the only system he had, duh.
    3. Im trying to make the term "Confused Matthew" into a derogatory term, for example

      "Stop being a Confused Matthew"

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