Sunday, 3 August 2014

Twitter Madness - 03/08/2014

Well it's been a week and Joe still hasn't done anything, even though he's been playing games on twitch and live streaming he hasn't been bothered to upload anything to YouTube. It seems his lazy streak just keeps on going, let's see how long until the review comes out.

It'll probably be a week at most until he's done
Come on Joe, where's the vlog? Or are you not doing one because you can't make money off of it?
How about uploading some of that footage Joe, don't leave us hanging!
No, anything but that, shouldn't Joe be using the extra time to work on something else, or are we forgetting that he was gonna review Divinity 3!

Well that's it for this post, but I'm not as lazy as Joe so I'll do another post about what people are saying about Joe on his YouTube discussion page.

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