Sunday, 10 August 2014

Twitter Madness - 10/08/2014

Well after Joe finished the Last of Us review he has jumped straight back into streaming on twitch, and he doesn't even post video's on those on YouTube anymore. What a monkey!

Really, he's already seen the movie, it takes 20 minutes to sit in front of a camera and talk
Says the guy who was complaining about having no money when the YouTube copyright drama hit
Working on a video, what video? It can't be the tmnt one because he said on the 9th that it would be a couple of days.
Complaining about the upcoming Batman v Superman movie, and he hasn't even did a video about the Wonder woman reveal
Streaming, streaming, streaming, shouldn't he be working on videos or at least uploading parts of his twitch video's
It took him a while but at least he did it, even though it was a mediocre video
I don't think Joe has ever been in the saddle

That's it for this weeks twitter madness, let's just wait and see until Joe's next video comes out.

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