Thursday, 23 October 2014

AngryJoe Plays Farcry 4 - Impressions

AngryJoe Plays Farcry 4 - Impressions

This video is 30 minutes of unedited gameplay of Angry Joe playing Far Cry 4. The other five minutes has Joe talking about what he liked and what he didn't like. Joe laughs and cackles when he kills wolves or wolves in the game, is this some kind of turn on for him? But when he kills and skins a tiger he shows remorse, this guy is a total moron. When he attacks a base he can't handle them so he runs away, why is he scared of dying when is only playing the game in a closed setting and not his home.

And just look at how he's playing the game, using a rocket launcher to take out a single dude planting a bomb, what an idiot. He doesn't even mention how non-interactive the entire game is. He's also "role playing" his was through the entire thing and it really isn't interesting because he's just filling the void of silence with nonsense. He failed mission six times and tried it again, Joe must be seriously retarded if he can't do this. It's not the game its just that he's a terrible player. At least he says it's just like Far Cry 3 but anyone could tell you that, and he says he's gonna upload another let's play with a neckbeard, oh great. Anyway onto the comments.

That's because Joe is a tool.
Wouldn't be the first time for Joe.

That's because Joe was playing on easy mode and was still finding it hard.


  1. Got bored after about 3 minutes and there weren't even any decent flame wars in the comments to keep me interested. What a waste of a video.

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