Sunday, 2 November 2014

02/11/2014 - Twitter Madness

02/11/2014 - Twitter Madness

Well it seems this week Joe got into a fight with a dude on Twitter over him complaining that Joe is a game reviewer not a sports commentator. And it basically ended with Joe calling him a twelve year old and banning him. This coming from the guy who spews f bombs like a retarded taco with legs.

We all knew Joe was a jack ass anyway

But these people do have legitimate problems Joe, stop being an idiot.

Like he even knows anything about the Franchise, dumbass.

It's called an adaption for a reason, or should we bring up Man of Steel again.

It's not like they said it was on a first come first served basis, oh wait they did dumbass.

We'll see if he even upholds his promise on this.

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  1. And once again Joe refuses to review a game unless he get a free review copy. What a fucking sellout. I remember when he said he preferred to buy the games so he could review them as a consumer. Now he just wants handouts to play on Twitch for a few days then forget about, like SoM.

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