Sunday, 16 November 2014

16/11/2014 - Twitter Madness

16/11/2014 - Twitter Madness

Well it seems that Joe has had a busy week on twitter, from arguing to a guy about Joe getting 5000 dollars to build a computer he has never shown, to shouting at people on twitter about his views on LGBT.

Says the guy who shit all over the game because he couldn't handle it.

Keep your mouth closed Joe, you don't want to piss people off, oh wait he already did.
How is this any different to what EA and the Battlefield series does?
Jet packs are universal, saying that it copied one game is an idiotic thing to say.
Anything but the review being late, and Joe knows people are gonna hate the video because trolling isn't an honest opinion. And how is anyone meant to take him seriously.
I wonder how much he was payed or will be payed to give it a positive review, I'm calling it.

He released the Call of Duty review anyway, probably realized he was an idiot for trying to skip it anyway
All he cares about is being "first", even though people will watch his review regardless. But all Joe cares about is views anyway.

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