Sunday, 23 November 2014

23/11/2014 - Twitter Madness

23/11/2014 - Twitter Madness

Nothing really much this week, other than the generic status updates and useless blabber.
That's probably where he get's his comedy from, that's why it's not funny.
Which means it's gonna be even longer for the review to come out.
This coming from the guy who makes money off dead people.
Even so, where's the review, it's been four days since he said this!
It's free to play for a reason dumbass.
Which means he'll need to read that since apparently he doesn't even know the lore.
Which means he'll take his sweet ass time.


  1. anyone who still was in doubt if joe sold out you just need to check out his dragon age review, he ignores all the bad stuff. Goes back to defend one of the worst games in history: dragon age 2 and of course hypes the fuck out of this new one when everybody can see that its a bad game even if you look at reactions from gamers on the internet
    1. and if you look at his facial expressions and eyes you can see he is having an extra hard time selling this one lol, he cant bring his lies convincingly anymore because this game is soooo bad XD
    2. I know, when he gave it such a high score you know he was lying threw his teeth.
  2. So in the review did he complain everyone was bi like he did in da2 review ?
  3. I just skimmed trough it at first because the game is laughable and when I heard his final verdict I just alt-f4d lol

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