Saturday, 1 November 2014

AJSA Evolve Alpha Giveaway + Giveaway

Look at him, he isn't even awake when he turns the camera on.
Another giveaway video, is he trying to become the Irate Gamer?
The video has him talking about the giveaway and what games he will be covering next. But don't forget that "the reviews are coming". I can't even be bother to write anything this time so here's a random picture.

And the comments basically speak for themselves.
You got that right.

Don't you believe in Joe, it's not like he's failed us time and time again, oh wait...

Because he doesn't care.

Fight the power.

Sorry for the lackluster post but there's really nothing much to say other than Joe's an idiot who's wasting everyone's time with all this pointless shit.

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