Saturday, 8 November 2014

AngryJoe Dragon Age: Inquisition - Impressions

AngryJoe Dragon Age: Inquisition - Impressions

This is not an impressions video's because it's footage of him doing a let's play of the game, which are two different things. There isn't even any video of him outside of him talking over gameplay, there isn't even any post game discussion which just shows you that  he put no effort into making this video outside of playing the game.

Just look at how he plays the game, first he chooses the highest difficultly setting for some reason, even though he's only showing off the game. His reason for doing so is to see if the game offers a challenge, even though the answer is pretty obvious. And this becomes apparent when he dies when fighting the boss and he has to lower the difficulty, too hardcore for you Joe. He skips the games cutscenes because he said you're meant to experience them on your own even though it's because EA said he wasn't allowed to show cutscenes from the games prologue. He says he's looking forward to the game on PC since he's a PC gamer and always chooses it over other platforms, even though most of his fanbase is console gamers so he should appease them.

He says the review will be late for the game since he wants to play through it to get a more complete review, this is both a good and a bad thing since we'll be getting a complete review but you don't necessarily need to play the entire game to get that. But whatever we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, in the meantime check out the comments below:

Exactly, betrayal Joe!

Pretty much sums up how Angry Joe sucked at the game, and you would think he would know about the french accents if he actually played the other games.
He's just an idiot.

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  1. Im not even watching his shit no more, its over there is no more fun to be had to be honest. Dude has become a soulless empty shell of his former self after selling out.
    At first I could have some fun raging about Joe backstabbing all his fans, but after seeing how many sheep still follow him Im getting seriously depressed with this retarded world.
    I wont ever see another vid joe makes and might just avoid most internet stuff until the new generation has been fixed.
  2. Fuck Joe, he is a total sack of fucking shit.

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