Wednesday, 12 November 2014

AngryJoe Plays Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare!

AngryJoe Plays Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare!

Man, I didn't expect Joe to start shitting all over the game when he only started playing. He's obviously a Battlefield fanboy and he went into the game with a biased opinion, that's like trusting IGN's opinion on the Dynasty Warriors Series. He calls the game a "twitch shooter" and says it's the same game over and over, this coming from the guy who's last Call of Duty was Modern Warfare 3. Meaning he didn't play Black Ops 1 and 2, he didn't even play Ghosts. Even though he bought a copy of the game and apparently didn't play it. How can he even be called a reviewer when he can't even do proper research on the series which he will be reviewing, and this means actually playing the older games as to see how they've actually evolved. Heck, even I know that.

He complains that Call of Duty is every man for himself and there's no teamwork, that may be the case here but this statement is totally idiotic because he's playing team deathmatch. If he wanted team work why the hell did he select that mode, he should have picked capture the fall or domination if he wanted that. Or does teamwork mean something different in his book?

He also complains that the game is badly optimized for PC and this is generally true for Call of Duty games on PC, but most people play it on console and nobody cares about the PC release. And why is Joe playing everything on his PC recently, he should play on a console  because that's what most of his fan base  play on. But Joe is part of the PC master race so he can't help it if he's an idiot. And remember guys, even Kevin Spacey has played more Call of Duty than Angry Joe.


Damn right
Exactly, the answer is self explanatory anyway

Joe has problems, egotistic problems
Apparently he's not because he's too busy streaming and working on a review for the new Dragon Age game.


  1. Wish they would hurry up and release DW: Empires 8 over here. I loved the character creator in 7 and had over 60 characters. O_O.
  2. You sad, sad person. I pity you.

    You say you like Joe, yet you spend so much time and effort on shitting on the guy and his work.

    Don't fool yourself, man.
    1. You sound like someone who hasn't been there from the beginning. The Angry Joe used to be a pretty good channel and focused on entertaining and informative reviews. Now he's blowing of his old fans who made him what he is in favor of shitty let's plays and less reviews, which are watered down when he does do them. And all these new Angry Joe fans flood in and white knight for him when us long time fans say that his channel fucking sucks now, which it does.
    2. Joe's satanic company has hired shills to post shit like that
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