Friday, 21 November 2014

AngryJoe Plays Farcry 4! [Arena Mode]

AngryJoe Plays Farcry 4! [Arena Mode]

Now we've got three faggots
Apparently Angry Joe's "little brother" or rather brother's are present in the background for the introduction part of the video. They look like a bunch of Justin Bieber look a likes, what is the point of showing them other than Joe letting you know they exist even though who the hell cares about his personal life. Anyway onto the actual video. Woah, a single frame of naked breasts is in the video at 1:35. Did Joe do this or did the developers do this, though remember that Joe did say on twitter that people would watch if he showed some naked people.

Why is this here? Probably trying to attract all the stupid 12 year olds.

It's basically eight minutes of Joe showing off the game's arena mode, and he is really acting like an idiot playing the game. Standing out in the open and running into the enemies faces isn't the best way to play any game, but remember that Joe is a "gamer" so take what you will from his play style. Even the commentary on the video is lacklustre and he's just shouting random stuff to get your attention like an idiot. And when he finishes the arena mode he complains that he get's nothing and says it was hard but fun. Ubisoft must be pressing him big time to pump out more video's for Farcry since he's been nice to the game and he's been advertising the game for them. I can just see the review now, he'll say bad and good stuff and say it's fun. He'll go with the average viewpoint with the game.


I know, is Joe gonna style his hair like that or will he keep his DBZ cut?


It's obvious that this video is a paid promotion. 
Take a guess, we could make a drinking game out of this.


  1. Of course it is paid promo. He prob showing brother to get more on pyramid scheme.
  2. lol is this joe's coming out now he is including faggots?
  3. So 1 week joe will be like "ass tittties, ass ass n titties"
    Week 2: SJW JOE!!!
    Week 3: Shows boob and goes crazy with drooling
    Week 4: guys we shouldnt let women be exploited as much in video games now this is nuts
    week 5: ASSASS n TITTIES

    What a fake ass hypocritical douchebag
    1. Yeah, we'll see how big of a hypocrite he is when he covers gamergate in his top 10 controversies of 2014 video.

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