Sunday, 2 November 2014

AngryJoe Plays Nosgoth!

AngryJoe Plays Nosgoth!

Joe undress' you while you sleep.
More let's play footage, wow it's like Joe is intentionally trolling us, this is the third let's play video since the Alien Isolation review. And why is he bringing that neckbeard along again, his voice is so annoying, I knew this would become a thing since he's trying to push other persona's into his show. Probably since Delrith run's more of the Angry Army than Joe does, but then again that could be a load of bullshit and Joe actually does everything himself, right?

His dialog choices are so weird in this video, he's acting like he's acting fighting vampires. There's role playing and then there's delusional fantasies, he also shouts throughout the entire video like he needs to monologue the entire thing. "Damn boy" "My thirst for blood" "Blood for the blood god". This is some of the shit he spews in the video, and the Warhammer stuff is something a retard who knows nothing about the franchise shouts at a convention, while everyone stares in silence. And there wasn't any post game discussion, just the intro and then the gameplay and him telling people to play the game. That's barely any effort put into this video, what an idiot, just like he tells others to "get your shit together", we can to.

That's why we have PewDiePie,
Hell yeah, show Joe who's boss

It's not like we want another Soul Reaver, we just wanted a third person shooter, what were they thinking?

I doubt it, and even if he is he probably read the Wikipedia page

Joe's face mugging for extra points

But we can blame him, he's a sellout and a poser.

And just to wrap this up, is Delrith in these video's because he runs the Angry Army behind the scenes, and is forcing Joe to showcase him? Or I could just be thinking too much, anway, everybody do the dinosaur.

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