Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Angry Review

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Angry Review

You know Joe threw this review together quickly when it's shorter than most of his other reviews and he barely covers major aspects of the game. That is called being lazy and inconclusive when making a review, and let's not forget he brought his bigotry with him because he obviously "reviewed" this. This is just another example of how unprofessional he is, letting his personal feeling's get in the way.

He said that he was doing the Dragon Age review but he probably realized that people would call him out for skipping another game so he deiced to slap together a half assed review. He spends more than half of the review complaining and talking about the campaign and other stupid stuff like how some woman in a power suit in the game got beaten by a guy without a power suit. Even though the scene is meant to demonstrate how someone with a suit can still get there ass handed to them, and if this happened to a guy in the game would Joe even be complaining?

His main complaints about the single player is that it's too linear but does admit that it is fun. He also complains about abilities that you use in the campaign can't be used in multiplayer, but it seems Joe has never heard of balancing. Now onto multiplayer, he barely covers it and his major complaints are that the game's spawns are erratic and it has bad net code and no dedicated servers. Even though it has hybrid servers dumbass, do your research before shouting nonsense. And he doesn't even say that the game is well balanced and had one of the smoothest launches ever, even though it was. And his final score for the game is just stupid considering he hasn't played Call of Duty in years.


He's just looking for another thing to complain about.

He's a battlefield fanboy so the answer is obvious, and I don't know what he was thinking about blowing up Bulgaria. He's just an idiot as usual.
It's because he's incompetent.
He probably barely played the game, and he hates on it because he always goes with the general opinion.


  1. With the entire woman thins joe is trying to appeal to SJW crowd so when he lies about gamergate he has them to fall back on when fans leave. He been doing this for a while.
    1. This has nothing to do with NeckbeardGate you dumbass.
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