Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Civilization: Beyond Earth Angry Review

Civilization: Beyond Earth Angry Review

He act's like he's so surprised that the game plays like an expansion pack to the last civilization game, well if he wasn't retarded he would have already noticed that when he saw the game. Heck, he even had an interview with the developers and going by how shady they were he should have seen this coming. And going by Firaxis' track record  they been making the same game for over 12 years, which isn't a good sign.

Apparently Joe needs to dress the part to do a review, you don't see other reviewers doing this and that's probably a good thing.
Though back to Joe's review, he basically covers all the marks in his review and it'll tell you all you need to know about the game without going too in depth. But the only aspect of the game he didn't cover is the multiplayer, since he didn't stream himself playing against real players probably because he would get his ass handed to him. That's really the only thing he didn't cover, so taking everything into consideration he did a good review. Though he shows way too much clips during this review, he's got clips from Starship Troopers, his old reviews and Dune. Also the review does go on for a bit too long since he's showing far too many clips which stretch out his review, if they were taken out it would be more professional. Anyway, let's look at the comments:

He probably thought he had to complain about something.
It's not like he could do a vlog and tell us what he liked and what he didn't like, oh wait he can.

Well maybe Joe is racist, he does live in Texas after all (hur hur)
Probably had Doug Walker syndrome.
No sir, you are not.


  1. This is all the proof anyone would ever need to show Joe is a retard and a fake!

    He obviously never played ANY of the good civ games (1, 2 and maybe 3).
    Obviously plays on easy or whatever.
    Doesnt get the mechanics.
    How can you give a game like this a 6 or higher?? Its a 4x game which are 100% dependant on having a good AI to give you a good game. With this AI its playing the sims just watchin your civ grow and think your good lol when nothing happens all game long. The ÄI cant war either so the entire game is POINTLESS
  2. Joe complained that the game was mostly cut and paste. Ironically so was much of this review...

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