Saturday, 29 November 2014

Could the Advertising Standards Authority's Ruling Affect Angry Joe?

Could the Advertising Standards Authority's Ruling Affect Angry Joe?

Well if you haven't heard already the Advertising Standards Authority has told YouTube content creators to be more clear about promotional video's. The #Oreogate scandal being one of them, though it was mainly focused on video's promoting a product such as Oreo's, but could this also apply to video games. Since it is also a product and when YouTuber's create video's which are obviously promotional video's for certain games does that mean that they are also liable?

And since Joe has done video's which he did at promotional event's which he was invited to, Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age inquisition being two of them, should he be forced to say that the video is a promotional video for said game? I say yes, because he's obviously being paid by the companies to promote there products, but then again this just show's you the state of video game journalism.



  1. What happened to the Dragon Age review u posted?
    1. It's still there, refresh your page and you should see it.
  2. I wish this shit was in place back when GameGrumps made that sellout video where they were paid by EA to play the Dead Space 3 demo. As much as I hate Joe I hate Arin a million fucking times more.

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