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Dragon Age: Inquisition Angry Review

Dragon Age: Inquisition Angry Review

Well it seems that Joe right after blowing Corporate Commander has went and did the review of the new Dragon Age game, and what did he do you say. Well since he probably received a mouthful from "Corporate" he probably thought that he had to return the favour, and return it he did. Joe's basically turning tricks at a gas station, if you don't know what I mean by that then use your imagination. And no, I don't mean magic tricks.

Ah, the return of "Demon Joe", just what we've always wanted. But luckily he's done away with pretty quick but we get a parody segment instead which is suffice to say...weird. Onto his actual review, he's basically showboating the entire game and it's obvious that he's being paid to say everything. For someone who considers himself the people's champion this shatters what's left of that fa├žade. He stupidly glosses over the same sex relationships in the game and passes them off as being funny, this is both idiotic and stupid because Bioware is shoving this in your face. What's the point of having these characters when the only defining characteristic is their sexual orientation, but catering to the LGBT community seems to be a priority for some reason.

Brokeback mountain 2: The Quickening
He states that's he a fanboy and has read all of the background information and the books, I highly doubt this because if he did he wouldn't have wondered why people are speaking in a French accent in the game, this has been stated in previous games and if he actually played those he would have understood. And he doesn't even mention the choices which carry over in the game, even though he mentioned it on twitter or is it because nobody else mentioned it so he didn't. He's really all over the place in this review, jumping from one thing to another and his dialog isn't really clear cut, why is he saying lot's of lines which could easily be summed up in one. See a professional review of the game to see what I mean.

Even though he mention's bad and good stuff about the game he still gives it a 9/10 and a bad ass seal of approval. Though he did a good job of mentioning some of the game's faults and he gives a balanced review of the game, exceeding in some places but failing in many others. And how is this an Angry review when all he does is praise the game. Though coming away from this video, one can't help but think Joe is as straight as a roundabout.


Exactly, games aren't what they used to be.

Probably because he only had 7 dollars in his pocket, a man has to eat you know.

Damn right.

Exactly, he's becoming more like the complacent gamer.

So much truth in this one.
  1. So in DA2 he was upset everyone was bi but now it's ok? And there really is no point for them to be like that aside from ea saying look at us we diverse.
    1. that is probably because when he sold out you gotta suck some dicks and take it up the ass so he is at least bi (or just gay) now
  2. shit posted my comment in the wrong section XD

    should replace AngrrrryyyyyJooeeee

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