Saturday, 6 December 2014

07/12/2014 - Twitter Madness

Another week, another twitter madness. Nothing much happening over on Twitter than the usual crap, so feast your eyes upon what's left of his weekly festering corpse of a Twitter account. Well he did talk about Star Trek if your a nerd, and he went to see some tanks if your a WW2 enthusiast. Both of which are just sad, anyway it's tweetting time!

Damage control mode Joe, act first think later.

But did he even ask for permission to show clips of the trailer in his video, hell no and that's why this happened!

What a hypocrite, he was one of those people who hyped the shit out of the consoles and now he's dissing them.

But did he even bother making a video, hell no!

Dude it's just twitch, stop acting like your under attack so you can play the victim.

Will he even be reviewing this? Probably not.
There's more where this came from, he was probably forced to watch it with her ex MegaManda who also tweeted that she was watching it with Joe.

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  1. ROLF at Joe playing the victim, just like Anita Sarkisian. Also ROLF at the fact that he still hangs out with his ex girlfriend instead of getting a new one, what a fucking pussy. Then again, considering how fat he's getting he probably will never have another gf.

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