Saturday, 27 December 2014

28/12/2014 - Twitter Madness

Well Joe's been having fun on Twitter, between the recent GamerGate thing and all that in between it seems Joe just let's everybody else defend him instead of actually answering the questions properly. Anyway this post will cover what else he said during that time outside of the gamergate event, though I won't be including all that crap he said about that stupid movie, the interview because it's not worth posting about.

I see MegaManda is still controlling you.

Joe as usual getting other people opinions instead of finding his own, what a tool.

Some Gamer you are, but then again you've always been a dumb jock.

Maybe if you did your video's in advance instead of uploading them in the middle of the night when you finish editing after you watch porn, you sicko.

Nobody cares Joe...

Where the hell did this come from, is he gonna hate on Scientology next?

Seriously, you lazy shit, using an excuse such as that is pathetic, you don't work so there shouldn't be a problem as to why you couldn't do it in advance.

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  1. Stupid Vato. He doesn't even fucking work and yet can't put videos out? He should change his name to Gargamel.. the fucking nigger.

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